The development of the Kerbal space program ended after ten years

Kerbal Space Program update 1.12.2 is live. This is a relatively minor patch set, but it marks the completion of Update 1.12 – and, in turn, the end of “sustained development” for KSP. It’s been a fun decade, but his development team is now turning all of their attention to working on Kerbal Space Program 2.

It was previously announced that Kerbal development ends with 1.12, but the latest patch notes brought a new purpose. “While we can still release a minor patch here and there if needed, with this patch we are officially ending update 1.12, as well as the continued development of the original KSP, as we are now stepping up a gear. towards the development of KSP2, “reads the message.

Patch 1.12.2 itself fixes over 90 bugs and adds some improvements “such as a mooring node rotation lock feature that allows autostruts to pass through moored nodes”. I don’t know what that means – and my confusion is a fitting tribute to Kerbal Space Porgram, honestly.

I was one of the first to adopt KSP in 2011, playing pre-Steam Early Access versions. You couldn’t even go to space when I played it the most, but I spent over a dozen hours building rockets and trying to reach greater heights. I returned to it periodically over the following years and watching it grow and develop has been a pleasure. However, I have never been able to master the mooring of ships in orbit.

I don’t expect the games to stay updated forever, but I’m a little sentimental that Kerbal is indeed done. It’s an inspiring game in many ways, and it generates sentimentality by doing a much better job of communicating the hardships and grand ambition of space travel than any billionaire-funded Jolly movie or PR Jolly.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced in 2019 and has had a bumpy ride so far, with development changing between studios. Its trailer remains stunning, inspired by a trailer made by fans for the original game:

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