The Bully Expert shines with anti-bullying program activities in Westchester featuring a “Smart. Beautiful. You!”

Westcheter County Anti-Bullying Resource

Anti-Bullying Program activities in Westchester and beyond promote a “Smart. Beautiful. You! And make a difference. Finally, let’s hope!

The activities of the anti-bullying program in Westchester have recently been given a facelift thanks to Miss Westchester and Miss Hudson Valley Pageants, an organization dedicated to the excellence, success and personal growth of young women. The Pageants talk show host Christina DeLeon met with celebrity guest Sabrina Mastrangelo, Miss New York Teen 2012 and Westchester County Bully Expert to discuss bullying, awareness and prevention. The episode is scheduled to air later this summer.

Bullying is a mind-boggling nationwide epidemic that has reached Must Stop proportions. It manifests itself in verbal attacks, physical attacks, destruction of one’s property, name-calling and, more recently, online abuse, a.k.a. cyber-harassment. Statistics show that bullying is one of the main motivations for violence in schools and that bullying is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14.

Bully Expert from Westchester County, a subsidiary of Krav Maga New York, was invited to the show to provide expertise on the subject. The Bully Expert, a certified representative of the Verbal Judo Institute located in Somers, teaches verbal self-defense, a program developed over 20 years ago by Dr. George Thompson, English teacher, police officer and martial artist. Using recognized verbal tactics, methods, processes and principles, the Bully Expert program helps teach parents, children and school leaders in the area how to best redirect verbal abuse, how to promote positive verbal exchanges and how defuse conflicts. It is a powerful program because it gives and demands both respect and dignity, and because it empowers.

As parents, children, and school administrators across the United States continue to grapple with the phenomenon of bullying, and while it is clear that much remains to be done, raising awareness of bullying and Nationwide demonization of bullying has reached an all time high – as evidenced by Pageant’s very own talk show, its host, famous guest and expert on bullies, reminding us that “who we are on the inside , shines on the outside “. Another representative example of a nation that is conscious and united from the bottom up. Anti-Bullying Program activities in Westchester and beyond promote a “Smart. Beautiful. You! And make the difference. Finally, let’s hope!

About Us:

Bully Expert of Westchester, located in Somers, Westchester County, is a certified verbal judo representative. Working with Krav Maga New York, an expert in tactical self-defense training and strength, the Bully Expert teaches our youth a complete self-defense system, incorporating the verbal, physical and ethical – the how and the when. For more information, contact us via email at Admin (at) kmny (dot) us, visit The Bully Expert online or call Krav Maga New York at 1-877-Krav Maga

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