The Arkanha of Perth is part of the Microsoft for Startups – Services program

LR – Leigh Shaylor, Josh Boys, Matthew Menenez (Arkahna)

New startup on the block Perth-based Arkahna was inducted into the Microsoft for Startups program just two weeks after its market launch.

The global program is designed to accelerate the trajectory of high potential start-ups to enable growth at scale.

“This is a fantastic vote of confidence for our new company and for WA’s tech scene,” said Josh Boys, Microsoft CEO, Co-Founder and Alumnus.

“We are entering the market with a new way of doing things compared to other software development and consulting companies, so we are honored to be part of a select group of companies from around the world to join the Microsoft program. for Startups. “

Arkahna will design and develop products to be deployed with its bespoke enterprise-level solutions using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platform technologies.

The company is taking advantage of the recent growth in Perth’s tech scene and is working to diversify the region’s economy, which has often been overshadowed by the strength of the mining and real estate sectors, according to a statement.

“Perth is home to incredibly resourceful talent in the tech industry and our inclusion in a world-class program such as Microsoft for Startups is a great recognition that WA has a place on the global stage,” added Boys.

Prior to co-founding Arkhana with Matthew Menezes and Leigh Shayler, Boys spent four years as Azure Sales Manager for Microsoft Australia, and prior to that he held leadership and management roles at Ignia for over six years.

He is also the CEO of Tabletop Swag online store, which focuses on providing independent designer tabletop game products and accessories.

Menenzes has the role of COO for Arkanha. He also worked at Ignia, spending 7 years as head of the company’s digital WA practice. He worked for 10 years as the Intelligent Applications Practice Manager for the Australian branch of Reseller Insight.

Shayler, the CTO, spent two years at Ignia as a technical architect, followed by two years at Insight as a senior consultant and technology strategist, then one year as CTO of Satalyst.

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