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WPI offers complementary programs to help our community get from the main campus to Gateway Park and Prescott Street: the Gateway Shuttle and the SNAP Van.

The gateway shuttle is operated by Valet Park of America and operates on a defined route. The five shuttle stops are:

  • Gateway Park, in the garage
  • 85 Prescott Street
  • Faraday Room
  • Bartlett Center
  • WPI Townhouses, Rotary

The shuttle provides a security service within the WPI campus Monday through Friday from 7.15 am to 6.00 pm. The Shuttle does not operate on public holidays, summer vacation or winter vacation; it operates during the spring and fall holidays. During holidays and breaks, contact SNAP Transports @ 508.831.6111 or x6111 during opening hours.

WPI SNAP transport shuttles.

SNAP transport is managed by the WPI police and consists of three gray SNAP vans and one white SNAP van, clearly marked with the WPI logo. SNAP operates seven days a week and hours of operation are based on the school term. SNAP Transports does not operate during the winter and summer holidays.

WPI also helps students get to Price Chopper: The gray Chopper Shuttle Price is managed by the WPI Police and is operated by students for WPI students only; it operates Saturdays and Sundays from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the school year. During holidays, recess and breaks, contact SNAP transport @ 508.831.6111 or x6111.

There are five shuttle stops:

  • Salisbury Estates
  • Faraday Room
  • Founders Room
  • Morgan Room
  • Price cutter

Shuttle service schedules may be affected by pedestrian and vehicle traffic, number of passengers, inclement weather, and loading and unloading of passengers. The Gateway Shuttle is not wheelchair accessible. For wheelchair lifting assistance, please call WPI Police @ 508.831.5433.

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