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Anxiety and fear rushed through me when I was invited to join the Fairmont Fit Retreat, an exclusive health retreat program hosted by the Fairmont Jakarta Hotel in Senayan, Jakarta.

Considering myself a plus size with almost no daily physical activity (I walk from the office to a Transjakarta bus stop, just 700 meters away), I found the program a little intimidating. What if I can’t follow the program? What if I had to eat simple, tasteless dishes that consist mostly of vegetables?

Held once a month on weekends, the program aims to improve the mental and physical well-being of participants. He also monitors the nutrition of the participants by serving them healthy foods appropriate to their condition. The hotel works with experts to ensure that each activity matches the abilities of each participant.

On the first day of the retreat, I had my body composition test measured. Sports nutritionist Emilia Elfiranti Achmadi who guided me through the process said that analyzing body composition depicts the ‘material’ components of a person, including percentage of muscle mass, bone density, levels. water and fat levels.

The scan also provides information about his body mass index (weight divided by the square of his height), from which kidney and heart function can be monitored. The data is combined with the participant’s age, gender and physical activity, which will serve as a guide to determine their meal plan. At the end of the program, Emilia would give us a handout explaining our body composition analysis, including our meal plan and serving size.

Dinner menu on Day 1 of Fairmont Fit Retreat; Lightly fried barramundi with carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes, beets and cauliflower. (JP / Ni Nyoman Wira)

“We often get used to eating emotionally,” said Emilia. Jakarta Post February 8 at the Fairmont Jakarta Hotel. “What we eat, when we eat and how much we eat do not often depend on the needs of our body. I call it emotional eating. People tend to eat when they are happy, angry, or bored.

Emilia also wanted to change people’s behavior and change their habit of eating emotionally to eating functionally. For example, all participants were required to join the swim sessions at 6 a.m. on the second and third days. Emilia, who prepared our meals throughout the program, included protein and antioxidants in our dinner on previous evenings to boost our energy in the morning.

On our first dinner she served us lightly fried barramundi with carrots, asparagus, sweet potatoes, beets and cauliflower. In the second session, we had a mixed salad and a steak. Everything was delicious. The cooking brought out the flavors of each of the ingredients and the textures of the vegetables were excellent.

Dinner menu for the second day: salad rich in protein and fiber. Dinner menu for the second day: salad rich in protein and fiber. (JP / Ni Nyoman Wira)

The portion served was based on our body composition analysis result and was satisfactory. I didn’t fancy evening snacks, although Emilia provided us with bananas, snake fruit and apples to our rooms in case we got hungry.

One of my favorite activities during the retreat was swimming, as I was fortunate enough to learn from Gadiza “Yaye” Volare Hartawan, who won the bronze medal at the 2019 Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race.

As a beginner in swimming I was nervous. But Yaye was patient in teaching me the basic techniques. She would often say, “It’s okay, I’ve got you,” while reaching out for my hands whenever I accidentally swallowed the water while trying to “breathe” under the water. It was encouraging and heartwarming at the same time.

Other stimulating activities during the Fairmont Fit Retreat were indoor cycling and running sessions, both under the supervision of program director Budi Danuningrat and athletic director Igo Nugroho.

Fairmont Fit Athletic Director Igo Nugroho (left) and Fairmont Fit Program Director Budi Danuningrat (right) supervise participants during the indoor bike session. Fairmont Fit Athletic Director Igo Nugroho (left) and Fairmont Fit Program Director Budi Danuningrat (right) supervise participants during the indoor bike session. (JP / Ni Nyoman Wira)

During the indoor cycling sessions, I was introduced to the virtual reality experience of becoming a professional cyclist on a real bike. The bike was connected to a program and a laptop displaying an outdoor cycling competition. The pedals were heavy when I rode the bike to the top of a hill, while they were light when I went down the hill.

During the running session, we were taken to Gelora Bung Karno Stadium (GBK) in Senayan to practice basic running techniques, such as dynamic stretching and ABC running exercises.

According to mensante.com, dynamic stretching is done to stretch the muscles and prepare the body before certain physical exercises, while the ABC running exercise consists of exercises to be done as preparations for running and one of its benefits is to train a good posture while running.

I wasn’t a fan of running and I often missed stretching moves, but Igo and Budi kept encouraging me to push myself – and I did.

“Our main goal is for people to like to run without getting injured,” said Igo.

Budi added that a lot of people wanted to run, but didn’t know the right way to do it. “Sometimes people who have participated in marathons also don’t know about dynamic stretching,” Budi said.

Igo said anyone can join the Fairmont Fit retreat. “I think this program is good for people to learn sports, at least before they enjoy the activities and make them part of their routine. It’s for anyone with an open mind and wanting to exercise.

Richard Kyle, one of the attendees who was much more physically active than I, said the hotel’s sports facilities were already good to support the program. “But I want the coaches to explain to us at the beginning why we did these exercises, why they are important. Sometimes I felt like we were just doing it, but we weren’t sure exactly how that tied up, ”Kyle said, adding that with any luck the program would provide activities for the kids at school. ‘to come up.

The next Fairmont Fit retreat will take place March 20-22. Those wishing to join the program can contact the Fairmont Jakarta hotel at + 6221-2970-3333. The program price starts from Rp 12 million. (Wng)

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