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HONG KONG, March 7, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – EC Healthcare and ClinicONE today jointly launched the Health.Me2 smart remote health management platform. Using IoT cloud technology with AI medical analysis and professional medical teams, users’ health status can be monitored and assessed remotely. The platform will notify users and follow up when the system finds abnormal health values ​​or potential health risks. Users can check the health records of the elderly anytime and anywhere through the app. The R&D team hopes the technology can help busy city dwellers care for seniors more effectively.

Telehealth consultation service provided by EC Healthcare; professional nursing supervision service provided by the Hong Kong Consortium for Medical, Nursing and Healthcare Development (MNHD); professional psychological counseling and emotional support service provided by the Hong Kong Mental Health Association.

According to a survey conducted by local online media HK01 in July last year, more than 80% of elderly respondents prefer to receive community care. Some studies have shown that community care is effective in preventing deterioration of physical function in older adults due to premature admission to residential care. In addition, community care can save a considerable number of residential care costs. A three-hour private home care service costs more than a thousand Hong Kong dollars. In addition, environmental changes can cause psychological stress in older people. Community care allows older people to stay in touch with family and friends, which helps maintain their mental and social health.

Along with the onslaught of the fifth wave, outpatient departments in hospitals and clinics have been affected. Caregivers who live together or apart have undue difficulty in providing professional medical support to older people. Considering this, Applied Technology launched a 3-month IA remote nursing plan to achieve effective health support services for the elderly under the epidemic.

The details of the AI ​​remote care plan are as follows:
Use of health.me2 smartwatch and medical measuring instruments with Bluetooth function. User’s blood oxygen, pulse, body temperature and other health data will be measured and uploaded to cloud platform instantly by IoT technology. Comprehensive health records and record analysis are provided for easier management. The plan includes health monitoring and nursing follow-up services 15 times provided by a professional team.

Services include:
– Tracking warnings
– Health conditions alert
– Regular proactive contact
– Health consultation by video/telephone
– Online meeting with doctors

The care team’s hours of service are Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Package Included:
– Bluetooth pulse oximeter x 1
– Bluetooth handheld thermometer x 1
– Synchronizes user health data in real time by IoT technology
– Able to get real-time data and health alerts via mobile app
– AI data analysis for early detection of potential health risks

Remote nursing service (provided by the Hone Kong Consortium for Medical, Nursing and Healthcare Development (MNHD) nursing team)

Monitoring . Communication . To follow
To watch:
– Real-time monitoring of health data (blood oxygen, pulse, body temperature, etc.) via Bluetooth device
– Track and notify family members of abnormal health conditions
– Regularly and proactively contact users to monitor their physical condition
– Request for professional consultation by the user
To follow:
– Organize an online meeting with a doctor if potential risks are identified
– Arrange referrals to clinic professional services for detailed review

One-time emotional support service provided by a professional psychological counselor (provided by the Hong Kong Mental Health Association)
1 additional physician health examination service (provided by an EC Healthcare licensed physician)
For more service details, please visit

*Health.me2 is only intended for daily nursing care, not for emergency medical services. Health.me2 and its service providers will not provide any form of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
*After evaluation by a professional nursing team, Health.me2 and its service providers may refer users to accredited medical institutions for further examination or treatment.

About ClinicONE
ClinicONE provides state-of-the-art healthcare technology solutions including one-stop clinic management system, patient application for e-appointment and e-ticketing services, telemedicine platform and digital system home care. Our clients include medical groups, NGOs, universities, individual practitioners, etc. ClinicONE strives to improve the patient journey and contribute to the digital transformation of clinical services through our technology platform.

About the Hong Kong Consortium for Medical, Nursing and Healthcare Development (MNHD)
The Hong Kong Consortium for Medical and Nursing Development is a non-profit organization which aims to bring together medical and nursing elites with an interest in social service and to improve the quality of the medical and nursing industry through professional knowledge and experience to promote health and community care. MNHD also promotes interprofessional cooperation in medical and nursing associations and facilitates interprofessional exchange and cooperation in physical and mental health patient care, diagnosis, treatment, medication guidance, and rehabilitation.

About EC Health
EC Healthcare is the largest provider of non-hospital medical services in Hong Kong, with preventive and precision medicine as its core business. Through the integration and development of medical artificial intelligence with multiple services, EC Healthcare supports premium brands and high-quality customer services, committed to providing customers with the most professional medical and healthcare services, safe and effective. The clinics/service centers currently operated by EC Healthcare are mainly located in the Greater Bay Area, providing one-stop health and medical services. Its main brands of well-known one-stop medical aesthetic services include DR REBORN, and a variety of multi-dimensional medical services include: Tencent Doctorwork general outpatient, chiropractic, etc.

About the Hong Kong Mental Health Association
The Hong Kong Mental Health Association was established in 1954 as a non-profit social service organization promoting mental health. The Association is committed to raising public awareness and concern for mental health. It provides comprehensive community rehabilitation services for the mentally ill, mentally handicapped and disabled, including residential care, community support, day training, vocational rehabilitation, employment support and education special.

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