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We usually avoid non-bank consolidated loans when we can take advantage of the offer at the bank. We often associate them with dangerous services that are associated with very high costs. However, currently the image of consolidated loan companies is improving and they have more and more customers. Is the non-bank consolidated loan still a last resort?

Non-bank consolidated loans are primarily characterized by better availability. Currently, more and more consolidated loan companies go out of the way of customers’ expectations and also offer internet consolidated loans that we can take without leaving home. This is a great convenience for those who need money immediately.

The amount that can be borrowed non-banking also increases. Only a few years ago, the maximum sums for new customers fluctuated around PLN 1,000. Now they are several times higher, and often we can also borrow a five-digit amount without any complicated formalities.

When should you opt for a non-bank consolidated loan?

consolidated loan companies target their services primarily to customers who need a quick cash injection. Unlike banks, we can receive money in a much shorter time – even on the same day. Such a date is also possible in banks, but nevertheless we have to go to the facility personally.

Thanks to non-bank consolidated loans, we will usually borrow smaller sums – when it comes to payday consolidated loans, it is usually a sum of up to PLN 2,000 or PLN 3,000 for up to 30-60 days. If we need a higher sum, we may decide to consolidated loan installment non-banking, which we may incur already for several years. Then the maximum consolidated loan amount is even up to PLN 10,000.

Non-bank consolidated loans are also willingly chosen by those who do not completely meet all banks’ requirements . This applies, for example, to creditworthiness, form of earnings or creditworthiness. It is worth pointing out, however, that a consolidated loan without a BIK or a consolidated loan for the unemployed is not possible everywhere – here everything is dependent on the requirements of the consolidated loan company.

How to take a good non-bank consolidated loan?

When you want to use the services of consolidated loan companies, let’s remember to have a good x-ray before using the offer. This is mainly due to the fact that not every lender is trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are consolidated loan companies targeting frauds that use unlawful clauses in contracts, do not inform customers about all matters.

Information on the reliability of consolidated loan companies can be found very easily on the Internet. We can enter the KNF website to check whether the company we have selected is not on the list of warnings. We can also find opinions on numerous forums or in comparison and consolidated loan rankings. This will allow us to select such an offer that will be safe.

When you need a quick consolidated loan for your expenses, we invite you to use our services at Aasa Polska. For customers, we have prepared a quick consolidated loan of up to PLN 10,000 for up to 24 months. Now you can take it completely via the Internet – we invite you to submit an application!



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